James R. Baskwill Funeral Home

20 West Montgomery Avenue
Hatboro, PA 19040

Joseph H. Baskwill, Supervisor/Owner

Crystal Vinogradov, Licensed Funeral Director

Helen Goltsos-Baskwill, Licensed Assoc.

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Baskwill Funeral Home, established in 1890, is the Hatboro area's oldest continuously operated funeral home. Families are provided with customized services in a warm, home-like atmosphere. Our staff is caring, responsive, and available 24 hours a day.

Traditional Funeral Services
Cremation Services
Funeral Pre-planning

We serve all faiths, there is no template for the perfect funeral, except one that helps you reach peace.

As committed members of the Greater Hatboro community, we are honored to serve, professionally and personally, our neighbors and friends. We are not a chain or commercial funeral home, we belong to your family, in your neighborhood - Shop local, we do.

Baskwill Funeral Home is handicapped accessible with all facilities located on the main floor.

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